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Business Communication Skills. Improve Verbal Communication Skills.

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What Communication is

Business Communication Skills

The definition of Communication from Merriam Webster Dictionary is ‘a process by which information is exchanged between individuals …

Clearly, the two main channels of communication are the spoken and written channels. While some prefer writing, most of us actually communicate verbally, especially in the workplace. This is why good business communication skills are a necessity not an option. 

Although verbal communication skills seem pretty basic and natural for all of us, are we using them effectively? Do we always get the desired outcome of our business communication? Do we build positive rapport each time we engage others verbally?

How We Help Executives & Entrepreneurs improve Business Communication Skills

Improve Verbal Communication Skills.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that confidence is closely tied to competence. Having sufficient competency in speaking and presenting in front of others greatly impacts one’s confidence. Like it or not, confidence IS the ‘X’ factor that makes or breaks a business deal.

Hence, SpeakSellSucceed™ focuses on helping Executives & Entrepreneurs improve their Business Communication Skills in both the verbal & non-verbal areas.

In our program, we will share techniques on how to overcome fear & anxiety and build unique speaking strengths. We will also cover how to use effective speaking structures to persuade and tell stories that emotionally connect. Finally, we will touch on employing verbal & non-verbal tools on stage. Throughout the program, we will review and discuss many other business speaking styles and insights.

Most importantly, we provide the platform to allow learners to put theories into practice.

Business Communication Skills. Improve Verbal Communication Skills

Why Improve Verbal & Non-Verbal Business Communication Skills at Work

Business Communication Skills. Improve Verbal Communication Skills.

Let’s face it, the better our communication skills are, the better our connections and results will be. Ultimately, the more positive results we get, the more we can obtain from our professional & personal life.

For this reason, our Speaking courses are focused on helping adult learners improve their Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills at the workplace.

By simply improving our Business Communication Skills, we can improve the quality of our work results as well as our working experience.

Verbal & Business Communication Workshops and Classes

Business Communication Skills. Improve Verbal Communication Skills.

Depending on your needs & schedule, you can join any of our following Business Communication Workshops & Classes.

Public Speaking & Presentation Workshops

If you’re looking to extract the gist and insights of public speaking and presentation for business in the fastest time possible, you can join 2-Day Presentation Skills Course for Business or 1-Day Public Speaking Course for Entrepreneurs & Executives.

Presentation Skills Course Singapore. Business Presentation Course

2-Day Presentation Skills Course for Business

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Public Speaking Course Singapore

1-Day Public Speaking Course for Adults (Entrepreneurs & Executives)

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Public Speaking & Presentation Group Class

This is an 8-week Programme where you will learn the most effective public speaking & presentation techniques. Besides getting the opportunity to speak and present in front of the class weekly, learners will also practise planning & preparing their speeches and presentations.

Public Speaking Class Singapore. Presentation Skills Training.

Public Speaking Class & Presentation Skills Training for Entrepreneurs & Executives (8 Sessions)

Discover your innate speaking ability & unique presentation style and improve them to the next level

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English Course for Adults in Singapore. Basic English Course for Adults

English Conversation Course

This course focuses on the students’ ability to listen, understand and speak the language correctly & confidently.

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Business English Course Singapore. Business English Communication course

Business English Course

This course covers the ability to read & write for business purposes, speak professionally, and present convincingly.

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Private Communication Training

For learners who wish to have more tailored training and coaching sessions, there’s an option to have a private training for various objectives.

Interview skills coaching. Job interview skills training course

Interview Skills Coaching, Job Interview Skills Training Course

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Presentation Training. Presentation Skills Coaching

Private Presentation Skills Coaching & Training

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Public Speaking Training Singapore. Private Public Speaking Lessons

Private Public Speaking Training & Lessons

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