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Business English Course


- Margaret Fuller

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18 lessons, 36 hours

Course Fee

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18 lessons, 36 hours

Business English Course Singapore. Business English Communication course

Course Overview

Business English Course

When it comes to the corporate or business world, everything little thing counts. The way we dress, the mannerisms we display and the language we use, they all count. Our Business English Course can help you to polish up that language department so you can communicate effectively in a business or professional setting.

People form their impression & perception of us based on how we carry ourselves and how we communicate. If we could communicate our thoughts clearly & persuasively, in both speaking & writing, we have taken the first step in influencing others. 

A small step in the right direction will create a significant jump in your professional progress.

Course Objectives

Business English Course

We help working adults & professionals in Singapore to:

  • Listen and understand professional presentations, meetings, & discussions
  • Speak, present & answer questions in business environments
  • Read business reports & articles
  • Write business emails & messages

We ensure students’ breakthrough in Business English by:

  • Working only with teachers who have real corporate & business experience
  • Simulating business conversations, role-plays, questions & answers, and activities
  • Using books, resources & materials that focus on business content
  • Employing our proprietary & powerful methods to teach business english

Course Style

Business English Course

You can opt to either join a small group class or form a private English class (personal or corporate).

A small group class is made up of 4-8 students while a private class can range from 1 to 8 students.

Who should take our Business English Course?

Our Business English Course is for working adults who are looking to improve their Business English Communication skills for career advancement

Any adult who wants to improve professionally can take our Business English Course: support staff, secretary, administrator, salesperson, manager, executive or director

Course Information

Business English Course

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Course Schedule

Business English Course

Course Investment

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  • Refreshments & Drinks
  • Certification
  • Unlimited Review Classes & Consultation

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