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Private English Lessons for Adults


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Course Fee



18 lessons, 27 hours

Course Fee



18 lessons, 27 hours

Private English Lessons for Adults. Private English Speaking Classes.

Course Overview

Private English Lessons for Adults

If you are a learner who prefers a private & focused learning environment, you could go for our private English lessons for adults. You could have private lessons based on the framework of our English Conversation Course, Business English Course or your preferred personalized content.

Through our Business English Course, you can polish & practise your business English so you can communicate effectively any professional or corporate environment.

Our Conversational English Course equips working adults with the basics & competencies of English language so you can speak confidently and convincingly.

If none of the above course serves your needs and objectives, we can always customize a suitable content for you.

Course Objectives

Private English Lessons for Adults

We help private learners to have:

  • Learning privacy
  • Adjustable pace
  • Flexible schedule & venue of each lesson
  • Customizable content

We ensure students’ breakthrough through Private English Lessons by:

  • Tailoring content based on the student’s background, needs and objectives
  • Engaging students through various activities: role-plays, questions & answers, games, exercises
  • Using various learning sources: stories, songs, movie clips, dialogues, articles
  • Applying our revolutionary techniques & methods that are extremely effective for adults

Course Style

Private English Lessons for Adults

Our private English lessons can be conducted at our centre or anywhere in Singapore, depending on the client’s preference.

The day & time of each lesson as well as the frequency of lessons each week are completely flexible, subject to the client’s availability.

Who should take our Private English Lessons?

Our Private English Lessons are open for any working adult in Singapore. There are no pre-requisites and no restrictions.

Course Information

Private English Lessons for Adults

You can have private English lessons with us based on our existing frameworks of: English Conversation Course or Business English Course. Otherwise, we could customize an entirely new content based on your needs and goals.

English Conversation Course Framework:

Business English Course Framework:

Other English Courses:

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English Conversation Course

This course focuses on the students’ ability to listen, understand and speak the language correctly & confidently.

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Business English Course Singapore. Business English Communication course

Business English Course

This course covers the ability to read & write for business purposes, speak professionally, and present convincingly.

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Private English Lessons for Adults

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Course Investment

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