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― Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO

2-Day Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Course for Business

Company-Sponsored Course Fee

S$447 (S$895)

Course Duration

2 Days (9am - 5pm)

*Applicable for all Singaporeans and Singapore PR learners. Only for a limited time. Until further notice.

Learning Outcome

  • Have the confidence to present and engage the audience in a business setting
  • Minimize anxiety through physical & mental strategies
  • Plan memorable message, theme & ideas
  • Create impressive presentation slides & script
  • Develop powerful content, structure and flow
  • Learn the most effective rehearsing methods
  • Remember & recite content flawlessly
  • Deliver with effective non-verbal tools (gestures, posture, movement, eye contact, expressions, etc.)
  • Maximize the use of voice (tone, pace, volume, etc.)
  • Employ persuasive language devices to convince the audience
  • Manage questions, objections & interruptions skillfully
  • Practise with evaluation & feedback

Course Schedule

2-Day Presentation Skills Course
04 Nov Thursday, 9:00AM
2 Days (9am to 5pm)

2-Day Presentation Skills Course Singapore & Public Speaking for Business 04-Nov-21

S$447 (original price: S$ 895)

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For Company-Sponsored Learners

8-Session Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Course for Entrepreneurs & Executives

Company-Sponsored Course Fee

S$325 (S$650)

Course Duration

8 sessions (2 hrs / session)

*Only for a limited time. Until further notice.

Learning Outcome

  • Recognize their speaking habits, behaviours & patterns
  • Embrace their unique styles, preferences and aspirations
  • Conquer fear & anxiety
  • Command confidence & power
  • Understand & employ various speech types and structures
  • Create impactful presentation slides, script & content
  • Polish storytelling capability
  • Use powerful verbal and non-verbal tools (literary devices, movement, gestures, positioning, voice, etc.)
  • Apply answering techniques for Q&A sessions
  • Practise, evaluate and fine-tune presentation & speaking skills

Course Schedule

Public Speaking Class & Presentation Skills Training
28 Nov Sunday, 10:30AM
8 lessons (2 hrs / lesson)

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs & Executives (8 Sessions) 28-Nov-21

S$325 (original price: S$ 650)
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